Acne is caused when oil is lodged into hair follicles resulting in white, blackheads, and cystic pimples. Finding out the triggering factor is essential for managing acne. Excessive sebum production, unhealthy food habits, Imbalanced hormones, and stress can cause different kinds of acne. Facial skin is the most sensitive and needs to be taken care of.

Simple daily guidelines to get rid of acne

Use lesser Makeup

Makeup will add more damage to already struggling skin. Using a lesser foundation and concealer will minimize the risks of aggravating acne. Go for sunblocks, moisturizers, and sun-protective creams.

Good Cleanser

Using a cleanser, that does not strip the skin from the natural oils, can prevent irritation and dryness. You should cleanse on a daily basis to remove everyday dirt and pollutants from the skin that can irritate acne if stayed on for long.

Don’t Over Exfoliate

Weekly exfoliation is needed for shedding off the dead skin cells for brighter and glowing skin. Although, excessive exfoliation can be extremely damaging. You must turn to scrubs having minute particles that are less harsh on the skin. You can make a scrub of Gram Flour or Rice Flour with water or milk at home.


‘You don’t need to moisturize’ is a very common misconception about oily and acne-prone skin. Every skin type needs moisture. Use a lightweight oil-free moisturizer to balance excessive oil production and lock in the moisture for skin nourishment.

Homemade remedies

Homemade masks with natural ingredients having antibacterial and antifungal properties are effective for controlling acne. Some miracle remedies are Honey + Cinnamon (2:1) tsp, Turmeric + Yogurt+ Gram Flour (0.5: 1: 1) tsp, Natural Aelovera gel mask, Earth Fuller’s mud + Lemon (1:1) tsp.


Acne can be managed by playing the right cards like cutting out a dairy, a healthier lifestyle, and the right self-care.