Wedding make-up do’s and don’t’s

Choosing the wedding dress might seem like the biggest and most stressful task, but make-up is extremely important, because it can make your break your entire look. Whether you choose to do your own make-up to save money or you contact a wedding makeup Ottawa professional, there are some rules that you should know of.…

Teen Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is the perfect time where you can have some fun and go trick and treating all night without having to stick to your parents. These 3 popular costumes are extremely easy and fairly cheap to create. You just need a little patience and a small dose of creativity.

Trends that your salon should follow

If you are in the salon business, you already know that there are certain trends you need to follow, to avoid getting outdated and lose your clients. All people who visit a beauty salon have certain expectations and when these expectations are not met, they are unlikely to return. To this extent, as a beauty…

What to expect from your salon program

Appointment scheduling is often a challenge for hairstylists, especially when customers change their minds and move or cancel their appointments. To streamline this process, hair salons have started to use mobile applications, which are packed with interesting features that allow you to track inventory, manage appointments and client information. A salon program can be very…

The ribbon dress, a classic fashion trend

Some items never go out of style. The little black dress, a red and sensual red gown, the long dress, the mini skirt and the feminine ribbon dress are just some of the perfect examples which go to show that fashion trends are not only recurring, but also consistent and sometimes even permanent. Being ladylike…

The history of ribbons in fashion tendencies

Fashion is an extremely dynamic domain, and at least twice a year tendencies change and everybody is trying to adjust their wardrobe in accordance with these. There are, however, some materials and fabrics that no matter the era are still very fashionable yet full of tradition, such as ribbons. Most people consider them only some…

Hair Color Trends 2015

In this article, you’ll find the latest hair color trends 2015 and some effective advice that will help you update your look in a great way. Read more to discover the latest tendencies in hair color, and the best tricks for achieving a fashionable look. We guarantee you that after following our advice, everyone will admire your aspect.

The Latest Fashion Trends for Women

Women constantly try to improve their aspect and achieve a fresh and stylish look. Therefore, the fashion industry always comes up with new ideas that are meant to help women update their image. Here are three of the latest fashion trends that designers have prepared for us this year. Read more to find out what to wear this season.

How to Make Your Eyelashes Thicker

We present you some great tricks that will help you learn how to make your eyelashes thicker and longer. Read more to find out what type of foods encourage lash growth, and how to maintain a healthy diet. Furthermore, we present you a great solution for finding the best eyelash growth promoter.

The Most Effective but Simple Beauty Tips

There are many tricks that you can use to enhance your look, but some of them require lots of time and effort. Giving the busy schedules that women have these days, they find it very hard to go to beauty saloons and other professional places to take care of their needs. Therefore, we advise you use these simple beauty tips to enhance yourself from the convenience of your home.